Monday, March 28, 2011

100 Days to Summer Challenge- Week 2 review and Week 3 preview

As always first things first:
Starting: 219.6
Week 1: 218
Week 2: 216.6

Woot! Sure I would love to be knocking out 2 lbs a week but about 1.5 pounds a week is what is working for me right now and I'm happy with it.  (If anybody tells me I'm gaining muscle- I will come though the screen and beat you with my arm flab. No chance I am gaining muscle as quickly as I should be dropping fat.)

Nutrition:  5 pts
Pretty easy for me this week. I have always had a high fiber diet. I'm making my husband eat more fiber and we are all paying for it, but he'll be healthier in the long run. DH did plan a meal and it was technically healthy. It was completely uninspired but it counts. Baked fish and corn. I think he does that kind of thing so that I will think he is incapable of planning a decent meal and I will continue to have to plan every. single. mother trucking. meal for the rest of my life. But I digress.

Strength: 5 pts
That was a whole lot of crunchin'. But I did a million crunches and I rocked 'em all.

Cardio: 5 pts
Once again, I was doing videos at 9:00 last night but I got it all done. I don't like jumping. My vertical leap is miniscule and I literally cannot jump on 1 foot. These videos that require even minimal coordination are challenging for me. That's why I like running. Simple movements. I counted toddler chasing and wrangling as part of my 30 minutes of play since the toddler seems to think it is a game and laughs hysterically. I think I got 2,000 minutes of that in this week.

Balance: 4 pts
Same old story. Just can't seem to get the meditation done. I put it off until I have time to focus on it and then forget. I'm making it a priority this week.

Total Warrior pts: 19
Suck on that! Yeah!

Week 3
Wk 3 looks to be more of the same as far strength and cardio go (Seriously, I can't tell you how many times I have to retype strength before I get it spelled right, every single time. It's just one of those words for me.) Strength is focusing on upper body, which is great. My shoulders are beyond weak. They always have been.

I'm really excited about the nutrition challenge this week. Having to track every bite is exactly what I need. I am such a nibbler. A Triscuit here. A veggie stick there. Hopefully, the prospect of having to track it will keep me from those little nibbles.

In sum, bring it Snitches!

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