Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Fat Tuesday

I confessed my weight last week. In a week I have managed to drop a little weight. Not much but it’s a start. I’m breaking the weight loss up into small goals. It’s just so much less overwhelming that way.

Starting weight: 234

Jumpstart: 10 lbs, puts me at 224. Just a small goal to give me some motivation in the early days. 10 lbs when you are obese isn’t really that much. When it becomes the LAST 10lbs of any diet, it becomes murder.

Just fat: 215. At this weight I will no longer be obese, I’ll just be fat. In other words, at this weight my BMI will be below 30.

Pre-pregnancy: 200. Yes, I have to lose 34 pounds to hit my pre-pregnancy weight. Un-be-lieveable.

Decent: 185. At this weight, I will look pretty decent and most people won’t consider me fat.

Pre-wedding: 175. This was my wedding day weight.

Comfortable: 165. I spent most of my 30’s around 160. I figure in my post-baby, late 30’s body, this is a realistic goal.

Dream: 150. I am unlikely to ever see this weight again. If I do though, I’m breaking out the Diane von Furstenberg.

Enjoy this graphical representation.

Today I weigh: 231

This was the first week I really had my eating under control. I said no to the M&Ms, all night grazing and even avoiding all the tempting treats brought in by my co-workers. I wasn’t perfect but I was a lot better than I’ve been in the past 18 months. I’ve known this for years but logging your intake is crucial to weight loss. I’m trying to consume about 2,000 calories a day. I’m more concerned right now about getting too few rather than too many. Feeding my baby is more important than weight loss.

Exercise didn’t really happen. I don’t honestly know how I’ll ever fit that in. I tried to take the stairs more at work but that really isn’t enough to make much of a difference. Surely, I can find 20 minutes for Jillian Michaels, right?

So on to week 2. I’ll try to drink more water and fit in a little exercise. Oh and stop beating my self up for not getting with the program sooner.

Oh hey, 1 year ago today I woke up to this:

 That's 3 (with about 30 more to follow) positive home pregnancy tests. Today we call that little line, Caroline.

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