Monday, August 8, 2011

14 weeks

How Far Along: 14 Weeks
Symptoms: An unwelcome return of the nausea
Showing?: Yes. To anyone who knows what they are looking for.
Weight Gain: About 3 lbs
Milestones: Um nothing right now really.
Yes, in the bathroom at work again. (Dress from Old Navy Maternity)
 Man, all the weight I didn't gain is finding me now. This baby loves, loves, loves the carbs. I can't tell you how many potatoes I eat in a week. It does not love meat. The thought of meat, especially at lunch time just makes my stomach churn. So I find myself on a high carb, low protein diet that is a perfect recipe for weight gain. (This baby also loves watermelon and cheese. Not together.)

I need to sit down and do some serious meal planning for lunch to ensure that I get some protein. I'm seeing a lot of beans and rice in my future.

Exercise still isn't happening. I tried to take Caroline for a long walk down on the C&O Tow Path on Saturday but it was a disaster. She whined the whole time and we ended up covering about a mile in 40 minutes. Not a  fitness walk for sure.  Scott in the meantime managed to get a 4 mile run in so at least someone in the family is on the fitness path.

I am biding my time until September when the weather should break a little and hopefully I can at least do some walking.

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