Friday, July 15, 2011


With this pregnancy I have had quite a bit of nausea, especially early in the day. Yes, for me it really is morning sickness. When it finally subsides mid-morning, it leaves gaping hunger in it's place. I thought that I was finally getting to the end of it but this morning found me staring into the toilet bowl praying that I could just puke already and get some relief.

When I finished getting ready and went downstairs, I simply couldn't pack myself a lunch. Not only did that much movement seem unthinkable, but just the concept of food and thinking about eating later turned my stomach. Scott offered to pack it for me, but I couldn't deal with telling him what to pack because I couldn't think of food. This is a rare occurrence in my life. 

Anyway, by the time hunger hit, I had nothing to fight it with so I took myself to Chick-fil-a. I give you a moment for your mouth to stop watering. While waiting in line, I was so hungry I couldn't imagine a simple combo filling me up. I was soooo freaking hungry. So I decided to make it a large. But I was embarrassed. Because, you know, supersize me, American obesity, my own fat ass, etc. So I did what any self respecting pregnant chick sporting a  bit of belly fat would do.

I arched my back, puffed my stomach out and did my best impression of a noticeably pregnant chick who just wanted some freakin' waffle fries. I probably looked a fool but faux pregnant is better than fat girl supersizing.

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