Tuesday, July 13, 2010


I've been on a month long bender. Well, the bender was only two weeks long, while the two weeks before that were just not good. I wasn't staying within my points and eating enough that while I wasn't gaining I wasn't losing either. Then I went on vacation and all heck broke loose...foodwise anyway. I was in the South and at my Mom's. It was a losing battle so I just gave in and enjoyed every delicious Southern offering. Krystals? Yes! Fried Chicken? Yes! Biscuits and Gravy? Yes, oh Yes!!

So when it came time for yesterday's Weight Watcher's meeting I came very close to skipping it. I didn't want to face the reality of the scale. I hadn't been in several weeks and I was going to die if I went in there and weighed 5 pounds more than I did last time. As usual, the anticipation was worse than reality. I gained 1 pound. It doesn't sound so bad but the sum total for the last month is +1 pound. That's not really very good. I guess it could be worse though. This morning I was actually down a little from where I was last time I checked in.

I'm refocusing now. I cut my points limit since my baby is starting to eat more solid foods. I'm hoping that will give me a little kick start back into things. As usual, I'll be monitoring my milk production closely and upping the calories if it starts to drop.

Start: 234
Jumpstart Goal 10 lbs -224
Current -14  220
Just Fat (BMI < 30): 209

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