Friday, July 23, 2010

On being judged

My husband's 25th high school reunion is this weekend. I am dreading it. Not that I don't think it can be a good time, but I cringe when I think about what the other women will whisper to each other about me. "Oh my God, did you see how fat his wife is"? "Can you believe he married her?"

Will they really be saying that? I don't know. Maybe. I probably would. We're not all so much better than we were in high school. The real problem is that I'm embarrassed. Embarrassed for me because I hate the way I look and even more embarrassed for my husband that he doesn't get to show off an attractive wife. He says he doesn't care but I do. There's nothing to be done. I can't lose 30 pounds by tomorrow. I'll just have to work with what I got and hope everyone will be sympathetic the fact that I had a baby recently (does 6 months count as recently?)

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