Thursday, July 22, 2010

Chip, chip, chip

I am chipping away at the weight. It seems painfully slow. It is painfully slow. I'm overwhelmed when I think of the big picture and how far I have to go. I'm keeping my eye on the small prize. Right now that is a BMI of less than 30. That will be in 9.2 pounds.

12 days into my commitment to do some form of exercise everyday for 30 days, I have missed two days. One day it was raining and I just didn't have the energy to do anything. The other day I might have accidentally fallen asleep at 8:00 right after the baby went down and not have gotten up until the next morning.

Start: 234
Jumpstart Goal 10 lbs -224
Current -15.8  218.2
Just Fat (BMI < 30): 209
Pre-pregnancy: 200
Decent: 185
Pre-wedding: 175
Comfortable: 165
PHAT!: 155

Chip, chip, chip

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  1. I LOVE your goal structure, what a brilliant way to encourage yourself with smaller steps rather than just saying "155 or death" which is what i've been doing. I am SO stealing this idea. :) Thanks. And keep chippin away...