Wednesday, March 31, 2010

They let these people in schools?

Look, I 'm not calling Girl Scouts drug dealers. Not really. But let's say you are a new mom just back at work struggling to fill the void left by not having your child there and guess who is there to ease your pain, to make you feel good even if only temporarily. Why it's your old friend Thin Mint.


It starts out innocently enough, someone brings a box a leaves them out in the kitchen for everyone to "sample."  You know it's wrong. You've seen the campaigns, "say No to sugar", but just one couldn't hurt, right? You still waiver but then you get a little peer pressure, "you just had a baby, you deserve it". Oh that's right, my baby! God, I miss her so much it hurts. I just need a little something to take the edge off the pain and oh that chocolate and mint tastes so good, I'm starting to feel better. Ahhhh. Then like any good drug you are hooked, there is no eating just one Thin Mint, it's not long to you have a full blown addiction and the candy man finds you everywhere. There they are at Wal-mart, at the grocery store, oh your co-worker is selling them for their kid, at the daycare, they even set up in the food court at the mall. And even if you try to avoid all these places, they know your weakness and come knocking on your door. Next thing you know your on an episode of Intervention and your loved one s are reading letters about how your Thin Mint problem has ruined their life.


Nothing tastes as good as being thin feels….except Thin Mints.


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  1. I have managed to avoid girl scout cookies this year. There have been a few narrow misses though. Evil.