Friday, March 5, 2010

A real Mom Jeans issue

I’d like to talk about a weighty issue…ba dum dum, my big, fat, ass. This is the one area where mommyhood has kicked my aforementioned ass. I have dropped 20 lbs of my baby weight. Too bad I gained 40.

I can’t blame the situation entirely on pregnancy as I had gained too much weight before I even got pregnant.

A timeline:

January 2007 – not working, not dating anyone, spending 2 hours a day at the gym, as a result I was at my thinnest weight ever.

February 2007- meet my future husband and get a new job- days at the gym go by the wayside, but we are still running a lot so the weight is slow at creeping on.

November 2008- Get married 15 lbs heavier but still exercising and well with in the normal range for my height (5’10”, thank you very much).

April 2009- Ummm, we go on a cruise and thanks to the gluttony and laziness of married life I am 20 lbs heavier than I was on my wedding day. Oh and guess what, you’re pregnant.

Summer 2009- 1st trimester tiredness kicks my butt and exercise is a thing of the past- this will continue for the entire pregnancy.

January 2010- I enter the hospital at an astronomical weight and come home six days later at the same weight, despite having had a 9 lb baby removed from my body. I guess that’s what 5 days of IV’s do for you. A week later I had dropped 20 lbs and that is where we are today, despite exclusively breastfeeding.

Sooooo, instead of being a MILF, I am a fat, frumpy mom who is today wearing the largest pair of jeans I’ve ever owned. But the snow is clearing and Caroline and I are going for lots of walks. I’m trying to get some other exercise in when I can, though that is rare. AND..I am giving up cheese for a month. Yeah, cheese. I think based on my current diet that will save me about 6 million calories a week.

My husband has a high school reunion this summer. I need to be looking a lot hotter.

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