Thursday, November 3, 2011

Halloween recap

Last October 31st my daughter was just under 10 months old, not walking and certainly not eating candy yet, so we never considered taking her trick-or-treating. She just crawled to the door and smiled at all the kids and gummed the credenza. Being the ridiculous person that I am, I did buy her a costume. And it was, of course, ridiculous. But adorable.
That's my little witch on the right. The costume was over the top and of course Caroline hated it. But my God it was cute.

This year, being full-fledged, card-carrying toddler meant Caroline got to go trick or treating for the first time. I was determined not to be insane when I picked out a costume. As much as I loved the froo froo Tinkerbell costume, I knew it would be cold on Halloween night and a coat would simply not go over Tinkerbell's wings. Yes, I am the Mom who makes her kid wear a coat over her Halloween costume. It snowed two days before Halloween here, People. Anyway, I poured over the costume catalogs and after consulting Scott, decided she would be an adorable gnome.
Adorable, yet not too hindering or obnoxious. Right?

Of course, my child hated it.

By the time we left the house, there was no hat and no cute little shoe covers. But there was an awesome pumpkin. (The only Jack-o-lantern in our house actually, because some of us never found time to actually carve the pumpkins we bought weeks ago).

It didn't matter though, she was all over the trick-or-treating. My formerly shy little monkey, went right up to the doors and showed no hesitation taking candy from strangers.

It was going great until a zombie/monster type thing opened their door and Caroline promptly lost her shit. That was the end of trick-or-treating and the beginning of a very long crying freak out. I was afraid she would be scared to go to sleep or have nightmares, but neither was a problem. The crying was stopped by introducing her to the wonderful world of lollipops.  Sugar is a cure all.

My fears that she was traumatized by it all were for nothing as last night, she tried to go trick-or-treating again.

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