Friday, November 4, 2011

Con-artists have nothing on toddlers

At almost two, my daughter has taken an interest in the potty. While I would hardly say she is potty training, she likes to sit on the potty and a few times the timing has been right when she is sitting there. Once she even told me ahead of time and we got to the potty in time for her to pee. But for the most part, peeing is done in the diaper and that seems just fine with her.

So why on earth was I sitting in the bathroom with a naked toddler who was on a frog potty at 4:00 AM this morning? Because she conned me, that's why.

It started with some stirring in her room right as the clock hit 4:00. I ignored it. Then she started talking. I ignored it. Then she said, Mommy. I still ignored it. This happens a lot. If I ignore it, she will generally entertain herself for a little while or even go back to sleep. But not today. Today, she pulled out the big guns. "I go pee pee on potty," she shouted.

Me: What did she just say?
Scott: Grmph, huuh. Zzzzzz
Caroline: I go pee pee on potty (louder, this time)
Me: She said she wants to pee pee on the potty. Can she be serious?
Scott: Zzzzzz zzzzzzz
Me: I know she is lying but I'm going to do it anyway, just in case.

So I stumbled to her room, pulled her out of bed, stripped off her footie pajamas and diaper, and put her naked on the froggy potty. She sat there, we sang a song and nothing was deposited into the potty. It didn't matter though. She had achieved her real goal.

Mommy was up and she was naked. Life was good.

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