Saturday, October 8, 2011

How Far Along: 22 weeks
Weight Gain:14 pounds (What is happening?)
Aches, pains and other: Feeling OK, but my back gets sore after a weekend of toddler wrangling.
Milestones: Started working on the new nursery.

So, according the scale I gained 2 lbs this week. That means 7,000 calories over and above what it takes for me to maintain my current weight. That is 1,000 extra calories per day! That did not happen. Not only did I not eat that much (I know, I track) this is the first week when I have really been walking. I walked at least a mile 5 times last week. It's not a lot but it is better than nothing.

I still have 1 week to go before my next doctor's scale weigh-in. At my current rate, I will weigh in about 9 lbs higher than last time. I'll give you a minute to wrap your brain around that- 9lbs in 4 weeks. OK, it should be 7 because my last weigh-in was about 2 pounds too low. I think I must have been dehydrated. 9 pounds is going to get me a talking to. They'll make me do my 1 hour glucose tolerance test early for sure with that.

But, the baby is great. He's kicking up a storm. I love that reassurance. 

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